Overview of History.

Though Asians and Europeans histories have been through same main events, they also have some differences like the waterfall in a mountain and a fountain in a plaza.

Asians love waterfalls. Usually in Asian classical literatures, waterfalls have been a place where dragons lived and fairies took a bath. It has imaginary rainbows of Asian’s ancient illusions. Europeans love fountains. From underground to the sky, the water energetically goes up. Fountains can be seen everywhere, in Rome, Paris, London… and always, there’s a plaza with many beautiful sculptures. Fountains have invisible rainbows of European’s ancient dreams.

There’s a main difference in waterfalls and fountains. In order to see a waterfall, you have to go deep inside the mountain. But to see a fountain, you must go to the most thriving place in the city. Waterfall is the nature’s water while fountain’s water is the city’s, the civilization’s water. Above of all, the stream is totally different. I’d say waterfalls and fountains represent the history of Asian’s and European’s.



Let’s look at the characteristics of waterfall. Water flows with the nature’s absolute power, gravity. Water’s real nature is falling top to bottom like the rain falling from the sky to earth. Asian history is just same as waterfall. It slowly faces the changes one by one when the time comes just like the flow of water. The authority coming down from the emperor to the citizens takes centuries. Asian history looks fragile but natural.



On the other hand, fountain is completely different from the characteristics of waterfall. The stream goes up to the sky like the volcano belching ashes and rockets accelerating towards the unknown universe. The fountain’s stream; the most unnatural motion of water, challenges the real nature of water. Like some say, the power of creation, the discipline of civilizations and the movement of society is all similar to the fountain in the plaza. If there’s no artificial power to stand against gravity, the motion of the fountain stops. What makes the water shoot underground to sky is the infinity of strong artificial powers. This tension and continuances have ruled European history. See the revolutions they have been through. Enlightenment, France Revolution, Industrial Revolution… It is change after change. Everything happens so quickly that it doesn’t seem like a history. European history seems very energetic yet artificial.

Next time when you see either a waterfall or a fountain, think of Asian or European histories. You will think that it has more meaning than you knew before.

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  1. This analogy is a great way to think about European and Asian history. (I know this is an old post, but I just read it and had to say how much I liked your explanation!)

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